Jukebox from the Graves - Working on designs

Hello Humans!

We are currently working on new designs for the shop. One of them is a jukebox design from the graves. We always liked the style of the 50s including the old retro horror movies. So this is how the Jukebox design idea came to our heads. 
We thought it might be interesting for you to have a look behind the scenes and see how we sketch out our ideas first and cleaning them up later. 

Each design sketch starts with some rough red lines to get us into mood.

Jukebox illustration Sketch with red colour


Blocking in some colour

When the rough sketch is finished we start to block in some colours to see if the combination of colours work and if it's balanced. We usually work with red, black and green and some accent colours. When this process is roughly done, we also try out some other combinations by changing the hue and saturation.

Jukebox Horror Design Illustration showing different colourizations


Starting the final Illustration

This way we can already start to imagine if this will work on a shirt or not. With this one we ware very confident that it will blow some minds with some smooth tunes from the graves. As you might have noticed we already have an audio cassette design named Tunes from the Graves which we used as a reference for this jukebox design. With all those things set, we start with the line art which is part of the final process of bringing this piece to life. Stay tunes to see this design coming to our shop soon.

Jukebox illustration Line Art with black colour